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japanese café

japanese café

Sushi café with a fusion of Japanese and Nordic style, featuring Pernille Folcarelli wall decorations.

In collaboration with Messecenter Herning we created this café area at the Danish interior fair Formland.

The botanical wall decorations are a true highlight of the café. The huge prints infuse the space with a sense of tranquility and bring the beauty of nature indoors.

The fusion of Japanese and Nordic design, combined with the botanical elements, results in a simple interior that offers a captivating space for sushi lovers and visitors seeking a serene and quiet break.

The botanical-inspired decorations and the color palette of greens in the café echo the importance of the natural world in both cultures. The presence of plants and botanical artwork weaves together the Japanese appreciation for the beauty of nature with the Nordic affinity for bringing the outdoors inside.

The plant motifs chosen for the wall decorations are Nordic species such as birch tree and gout weed. From Pernille´s handprinted artworks we produced large wall decorations printed on fabric. The decorations were mounted on a wooden construction to create a simple minimalist look reminiscent of Japanese paper walls.

“The use of green hues throughout the decorations creates a fresh and invigorating contrast to the down toned color scheme of the café.

The varying shades of green inspire a sense of vitality, growth, and rejuvenation”, tells Pernille about her thoughts on the design.

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