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atelier bohemian shades

atelier bohemian shades

Gigantic curtains created for a trend and inspiration area at the interior fair Formland.

Patterns, colours, botany and romance were key words as historical values were combined with a piece of the future at the large trend zone 'Atelier Bohemian Shades' at Formland.

The talented design duo Studie FlyHelsted was behind the trend zone, which gave the visitors a special insight into the trends of the interior and design industry through hand-picked designs and a collaboration with Pernille Folcarelli.

'Atelier Bohemian Shades' formed the framework for a creative and living home, with room for the imperfect and for a way of life with a focus on local and creative craftsmanship.

Together, Studio FlyHelsted and Pernille Folcarelli created giant wall decorations in the form of soft draped curtains at a height of 5 meters. The curtains were specially produced in close collaboration with a small local textile printing and sewing studio.

The botanical motifs and art prints were the overall graphic identity of the area and on the signs at the fair. The poetic expression contributed to the soft bohemian atmosphere behind the concept.

“The slightly crooked, the imperfect and above all the positive; the burgeoning, the energetic and the natural characterise the trend area", say Mille Fly and Sofie Helsted about Atelier Bohemian Shades.

"Atelier, because it's about a creative way of life and an artist residence that forms the framework for the trend. Bohemian because the style is imperfect and romantic mixed with Scandinavian minimalism in a soft shaker style. Lots of pattern mixes are seen, and because we are in a studio, there is room for handwork; for the knitted and the rustic. Shades refers to the tone-on-tone color palette in shades of green. The green symbolizes the environment and nature, but also the burgeoning, the energetic and the positive", Mille and Sofie tell.

"Through a fine balance of pattern mix and color match and with a touch of beautiful botany, fresh air and natural light, we restore contact with our unshakable anchor point - nature, which should remind us of the unique balance between the imperfect and the perfect."

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