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welcome to 2024

welcome to 2024

New Year's resolutions often fade! But the consideration of what we want more of and what is important for our future is an ever-relevant practise. Every single year and every single day. Especially in these turbulent times.

As I immersed myself in the first week of the new year, evaluating the challenges and triumphs of 2023, it's undeniable that these are challenging times for independent designers like me. The world and the economy remain uncertain, casting a noticeable impact on artists, designers, small businesses, and manufacturers.

Yet, amidst these uncertainties, I choose to believe in the future! Partly because the future demands our attention and action, and partly because I am eager to share a lot of experiences and creativity with you. After careful consideration, I've identified FIVE PILLARS that I believe are of great importance right now and in the coming year.

1. More community

In times of uncertainty, cultivating communities becomes more crucial than ever. The exchange of ideas and experiences not only fuels creativity but also provides a supportive network and unforgettable shared experiences.

I see a growing interest in gathering around activities. Eg. about workshops. I have already scheduled six workshops in plant printing in the new year - for associations, companies and private groups. And I really love to see the energy and joy that spreads when we gather around creating and experiencing something together.

The planned workshops in my studio were quickly sold out. But if you would like to organize a workshop for your group of friends, family or colleagues, feel free to reach out at, and let´s make it happen together.


2. More craftsmanship

Craft is the heartbeat of artistic practice. Refining a craft and immersing oneself in the technique is a great source of joy, inspiration and development. ALL my designs start with handmade artworks in my workshop. It is the soul of my work.

In the coming year, I plan to dedicate even more time to experimental techniques and the development of my plant print creations. Simply because I can't help it.

Embracing craftsmanship in a world that moves at a frantic pace is a deliberate step toward a mindful and fulfilling creative experience.

I'm eager to share the joy of crafting with a broader audience. That's why my aim is to introduce more people to my printing techniques, at a level where everyone can participate!

Whether your interest lies in knitting, gardening, wood carving, beadwork, or other crafts I encourage you to dedicate more time to these pursuits in the upcoming year. Research indicates numerous healing and stress-relieving benefits associated with immersing oneself in a craft.

3. Even more nature

I've said it before and I'll say it again… Nature remains an everlasting wellspring of inspiration. This is where I get my inspiration for colours, shapes and motifs. Beyond aesthetics, the natural world provides a sanctuary of calm, togetherness, and harmony, especially in the chaos of our times.

Immersing ourselves in nature has a calming effect on our nervous system and promotes a positive connection with nature, that deserves our care, maintenance, and appreciation.

Personally, I plan to indulge in more walks through the forest, along the beach, across the countryside, or in the park. These moments in nature contribute to our well-being in countless ways.

4. More learning

Lifelong learning extends far beyond the acquisition of facts and skills; it is a transformative journey that positively impacts personal and professional aspects of our lives. Learning is about embracing curiosity, adaptability and the willingness to evolve. Exploring new topics, solving problems, and acquiring new skills contribute to mental agility and creativity. Studies show that lifelong learning is also associated with a longer and healthier life.

I've already enrolled in lectures and workshops about topics I would like to explore in 2024. Consider what you've longed to learn and make 2024 the year you take the leap – sign up for that course, attend that lecture or event, listen to that podcasts or read that book that beckons your curiosity.

5. More recycling

The imperative of recycling is not new, but its urgency is undeniable. We need to recycle more!

In my studio, no materials go to waste – they find new life in various projects, such as paper folding for ornaments and decorations. Often, new surprising ideas are created out of a limitation in materials and possibilities.

Right now I am working on a new project with the recycling of fabric scraps from the production of my wall hangings. And I have plans for yet another project of recycled materials. I look forward to sharing more about these sustainable projects with you very soon.


Thank you for joining me! Wishing you an extraordinary new year, abundant with everything that brings you joy and fulfillment.


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