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hotel Project For Varbergs Kusthotel

hotel Project For Varbergs Kusthotel

Interior styling project for a stunning coastal spa hotel, featuring Pernille Folcarelli art prints.

There is something completely unique about this place. Something magical. The magnificent buildings, the sparkling Swedish coastline, and the enchanting landscape outside take us into a relaxing, natural, and soothing world.

The history of Varbergs Kusthotell goes back to the early 1900´s, when doctor Johan Severin Almer opened the health resort. The reason he chose this particular place was because of his firm belief that sun, fresh air, saltwater baths and nutritious food have a major impact on health. A holistic outlook on life that is still just as relevant.

Since the early 1900´s, the hotel has undergone several renovations. The latest big renovation was completed in 2022.  From a sustainability perspective, the owners have strived to maintain and enhance the buildings’ architecture through careful interventions that are harmonious with the buildings and with a timeless color scale that evokes the sea.

I felt a great joy and honor when I was given the opportunity to create wall decoration for this beautiful and legendary hotel. In collaboration with the hotel's interior designers, we selected plant motifs and colors that refer to the sea and the beautiful nature you will find just outside the windows. Ferns, feathers, birch, grasses, and seaweed - these are plants and items you will see when exploring the local nature in the area surrounding the hotel. These motifs and other plant designs now decorate the walls of all the hotel's rooms, its two restaurants and in a part of the spa area.

The renovation and the interior design is deliberately made to preserve the classic spirit of the hotel but at the same time make it a contemporary, modern, and exclusive oasis for relaxation. The style is Nordic and simple with classic furniture design, wood, natural materials, and white or natural muted wall colours.

”Everyone relaxes in different ways, which is why we offer a wide range of options for our visitors. Some people take nourishment from the sound of the rolling ocean waves, others choose a leisurely lunch, while yet others love to enjoy warm baths and a relaxing massage. Here you can do all or any of those things. The main idea is that everyone who visits us leaves with a greater sense of well-being in their body.”

If you want to visit this gem on the Swedish east coast, I can highly recommend it. You can choose an overnight stay, a spa experience, fitness, a conference stay or a delicious dinner or lunch in the restaurant.


Varbergs Kusthotell
Nils Kreugers väg 5
432 53 Varberg


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